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1.23 carat oblong and brilliant free-form rough diamond crystal



Type of Stone : Diamond

Shape : Free-form/irregular crystal

Carats : 1.23

Measurements : 7.70 x 5.19 x 3.41mm

Color : As is, in its uncut state, the stone is in the E-F color range

Clarity : Flawless

Description : This rough diamond has a really nice oblong and wave-like contour. It has a smooth edges and gentle lines. The stone is full of light and is very clear. The basic structure of the stone is probably a dodecahedron, but because of the uniqueness of the crystalline structure, we have characterized it as an "irregular crystal" or "free-form" crystal. 

Source : This stone was sourced from South Africa directly through a siteholder

Certifications : This rough diamond is a conflict-free diamond and is designated as such by the Kimberley Process. It was imported to the United States properly with a Kimberley Certificate.

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