The Raw Stone Rough Diamond Rings Featured in Escapes Magazine!

We are so extremely honored and excited to be featured in the Summer 2018 Issue of Omni Hotels and Resorts' Escapes Magazine. The article, titled "A Cut Above: Unconventional Diamond Cuts and Settings Offer a Distinctive and Modern Aesthetic" features our Adin Ring. Continue reading below for the text of the article!

Excapes Magazine Featuring Rough Diamond Rings


"A Cut Above


Diamonds have been coveted for centuries, revered for their beauty and admired as symbols of strength, often associated with romantic love. Yet, not all gemstones are created equal, and that’s a good thing when it comes to showcasing personal style. For those who aren’t satisfied with the standard solitaire-cut diamond, there are many unconventional cuts and unique settings to choose from.

Most are familiar with the four Cs for the criteria that diamonds are categorized into: cut, color, clarity and carat. However, there is also another, more mysterious factor that’s not an exact science, and that’s the impression that the gem makes on you. “Traditionally diamonds are cut to have maximum shine and radiance, but many people are willing to sacrifice that for an unusual style or an exotic look,” says diamond expert Saul Bassal, who works in New York City’s Diamond District and travels the world acquiring diamonds of all calibers.

Jewelry designers are currently thinking outside of the box and creating alternative ways to show- case diamonds with contemporary cuts and unique settings, and often using conflict-free stones. The natural, opaque beauty of a raw diamond simply set will appeal to those with organic tastes. Old-mine cut diamonds are better suited for those who love the nostalgia of a different era. Their brilliant deep cuts and intricate Victorian-style settings have an old-world charm. Minimalists, on the other hand, are often drawn to clean cuts and futuristic designs without any bells and whistles. The edgy look of spiked inverted diamonds or irregular color diamonds in murky hues of gray or black offer a strikingly modern aesthetic.

These unusual diamonds are not for everyone, and that’s precisely their appeal. There’s thought that goes into choosing something rare and singular. Here are a few unique options to help you begin the search for that distinctive diamond jewelry that speaks to you."

Rough Diamond Ring

Thank you to Sabrina Azadi for recognizing our designs and for including us in your article. We believe that there's a revolution in jewelry design happening, and we are excited to be a part of it. This revolution is based on ethical sourcing, alternative designs, and using a wider array of gemstones and diamonds. We see a huge trend in alternative engagement styles using rough diamond rings and raw diamond rings.

For inquiries or to discuss creating a rough diamond or natural sapphire ring from scratch, please contact us directly!


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