1.12 carat ethereal raindrop-like freeform raw diamond

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Type of Stone: Diamond

Shape: Freeform

Carats: 1.12

Measurements: 8.17 x 4.21 x 3.22mm

Color:  D-E, bright and clear and colorless

Here's a completely unedited video of this stone in natural sunlight:

Description: This ethereal raw diamond looks like a drop of rain from the beginning of time. It has a beautiful and graceful long structure to it, it's rounded, and very shiny on the surface. We imagine that this stone was alluvially formed - meaning that it has been underwater for millions of years, attributing to tihs smooth structure and surface. The effect is a waterlike aspect to it, sometimes we also call this "gemmy". Along the edges of the stone are some of the most amazing tiny wisps of matter that were trapped within this diamond for millions of years from its formation. This matter is likely pure carbon, the main element that contributed to the creation of our earth after the big bang! The center of the stone is clean and clear. It has a bright white glow and is a beautiful piece.

Source: DTC (the Diamond Trading Company), we are quite certain it is from South Africa but new provenance claim rules from the DTC require that we state it is from Namibia, South Africa, Botswana or Canada. 

Certifications: This stone was traded between borders completely in keeping with the Kimberley Process and is therefore conflict-free and does not finance violence by rebel groups seeking to undermine legitimate governments anywhere on earth.