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The results are in for the rough diamond giveaway! Thank you to everyone who submitted designs for our rough diamond giveaway. We are so excited about the creativity and design prowess that was displayed in the entries, and we hope to continue to see these types of innovative and beautiful designs for rough diamonds on the market in the future.
The winner of the contest for most intriguing design goes to Joanne MacFadyen of Dundee, Scotland. Her design for the rough diamond is truly one-of-a-kind. Its contours complement the rough shape of the diamond extremely well and the almost art deco style of the jewelry is something we found very intriguing matched with a non-symmetrical rough diamond.
Joanne MacFadyen graduated from Duncan of Jordantsone college of art, Scotland’s leading art school with a bachelor of design degree with honors in 2010. Joanne then went on to complete an MFA in August of this year also at DJCAD. Prior to this she developed her portfolio at Cardonald College in Glasgow within the jewelry department, another leading institution in this field. Currently Joanne is Artist in Residence at Vanilla Ink Studios in Dundee’s creative quarter where she is currently working on new collections to be launched next year.
Working with precious metals, precious metal clays & gemstones, Joanne creates unique, one off pieces that have a whimsically organic quality, encasing gems within innovative settings. She creates pieces that range from the everyday, to stunning show-stopping pieces, all hand made using specialized techniques she has developed during her career.
You can find more information on Joanne and her beautiful designs here:

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