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1.58 carat sparkly and structured raw diamond octahedron


Type of Stone : Diamond

Shape : Octahedron

Carats : 1.58

Measurements : 6.54 x 6.70 x 5.23mm

Color : As is, in its uncut state, the stone is in the D-E color range

Clarity : Slight visible inclusions suspended within a perfectly clean and clear diamond structure

Description : A rough diamond with many of the characteristics necessary to be an excellent choice for raw diamond jewelry. First, the architecture of the stone is undeniably a proportional octahedral shape. Second, the surface has some slight geometrical patterning on it that gives the stone intrigue and sparkle. Third, the color is very clear and bright. And finally, the internal markings are suspended tiny flecks of coal that were trapped in the diamond during its creation. The flecks are actually invisible unless one inspects the diamond very closely (diamond photography tends to magnify any imperfections in the stone, which is why they are plainly visible in the photo), which makes the stone something worthy of conversation and general interest. It's a true geological specimen and it's all 100% diamond!

Source : This stone was sourced from South Africa directly through a siteholder

Certifications : This rough diamond is a conflict-free diamond and is designated as such by the Kimberley Process. It was imported to the United States properly with a Kimberley Certificate.


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