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Industry News | Rough diamond prices to increase 5% every year

SURAT: On one hand, the diamond industry is elated over the development with regard to a new diamond bourse but on the other, small and medium diamantaires have no respite... Read More

Announcing the winner of the rough diamond design contest!

  The results are in for the rough diamond giveaway! Thank you to everyone who submitted designs for our rough diamond giveaway. We are so excited about the creativity and... Read More

Responsible Ceylon Sapphires

  May 13, 2012  Here at the Raw Stone, we’re pleased to announce that we’re bringing in new stones from Sri Lanka. The stones are white and green sapphires that... Read More
Blood ruby or conservation ruby? A Niassa ranger presents a small ruby still attacehed to its matrix, collected on the ground from the left overs at the illegal ruby mining site near M’swize village in the Niassa National Reserve, November 2009. Photo: V. Pardieu / GIA Laboratory Bangkok

Conservation Gemstones

  May 1, 2012 at 4:12 pm In the course of running a business in an entirely new industry of ethical gemstones, we come across only a few articles every... Read More

The Raw Stone Interviewed by Bario-Neal

  February 8, 2012 at 1:03 pm Alyssa talks with Kerin of The Raw Stone about the benefits of using rough diamonds, diamond mining in Canada, and the movement toward... Read More