How Rough Diamonds Are Used in Industry – The Raw Stone

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to mankind. They’re also resistant to chemicals and conduct heat. So what benefits do these properties of diamonds give us?

Most of us think of diamonds as gems used in jewelry; but these sparkling stones are actually only a small percentage of the world’s diamonds mined. Actually about 80% of the world’s diamonds are used in industry (known as industrial diamonds). Even though it’s easier to imagine a diamond adorned in a beautiful jewelry setting, most of the diamonds mined will end up as drill bits or with some other important industrial purpose.

The 4 Main Uses of Rough Diamonds in Industry

  1. Cutting

Cutting tool manufacturers insert diamonds into cutting blades to improve the cutting capability of these machines. Highway reconditioning companies use diamond saws to cut and make grooves in concrete. Yes, diamonds are hard enough to do this! Another industry where diamonds are used frequently is in the electronics industry, where saws embedded with fine diamonds are used to cut hard metals and crystals.

  1. Drilling

Raw diamonds are also used for oil, mineral, and gas exploration. Diamond grains are part of the metal tips of the drill bits. They’re also used in other parts of the drilling equipment, such as in the ream shells where they help harden the device.

  1. Grinding and Polishing

Believe it or not, diamonds are even used in the production of optical lenses, as diamond powder and grit is used in the grinding wheels. Not only are these wheels used to grind optical lenses, but also to grind edge plate glass and to shape the tips of carbide machines.

You may be wondering – how on earth can you use a diamond to polish? Tiny diamond particles are converted into a paste, which is used for polishing other gems, plastics, ceramics, metals, glass, and cutting tools.

  1. Research and Technology

Because diamonds conduct heat so effectively, they are used by scientists in laboratories. To get technical, they are inserted into heat sinks, which either absorb or conduct excess heat away from heat-sensitive parts. Diamond coatings are used in fighter planes to make their infrared windows scratch-proof. They are also used in x-ray machines, lasers and vacuum chambers as membranes to protect any openings in the devices.

Were you surprised by any of these uses of diamonds? Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post which will tell you which diamonds are best suited for jewelry and which are best for industry. In the meantime, check out our gallery of raw and uncut diamonds and if you have any questions, please be in touch!


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