Top 8 Largest Rough Diamond Finds of 2014 – The Raw Stone

We’re only just 10 months into the year, but already 2014 has been a year of remarkable rough diamond discovery. These finds are all breathtaking, but the one that stands out the most is the 198 carat diamond that was unearthed by Gem Diamonds.

All of these spectacular stones were found in Africa at conflict-free mines. Remember that these are their sizes in the rough, and rough stones lose about 50% of their size during the polishing process. Polished or unpolished, these are very impressive diamonds in size, color, and clarity.

Take a look at these top 8 biggest diamond finds of 2014:

  1. This 198 carat stone was discovered in August 2014 by Gem Diamonds at the Letseng Mine in Lesotho. Being such a large stone, this diamond is classified as Type IIa. Type II diamonds are purer than most other raw stones, which makes them harder and more resilient. This beauty is expected to fetch between $10-$15 million.

  1. With an expected price of more than $25 million, this gem is potentially the priciest mineral ever unearthed. It was discovered in June 2014 by Petra Diamonds in the Cullinan Mine, South Africa. The diamond is 122.50 carats, has a Type IIb classification and is blue in color.

  1. This 43.90 carat twin diamond was found in February 2014 by Diamcor Mining at the Venetia Project in Limpopo, South Africa.

  1. This vivid blue rough diamond is in a class of its own. Mined by Petra Diamonds at the Cullinan Mine in South Africa, this 29.62 carat, Type IIb gem sold for an incredible $25,555,555 in February this year. Just one month after it was discovered!

  1. Gem Diamonds found this whopping 162.06 carat Type IIa diamond at the Letseng Mine in Lesotho in January 2014.

  1. This is the largest diamond ever mined at Lulo Mine in Angola. It’s a 95.45 carat, brown, Type IIa stone that was discovered in January 2014 by Lucapa Diamond Company.

  1. Nothing will turn heads quite like a pink diamond. This beauty, “The Pink Storm” was found in January 2014 by Storm Mountain Diamonds in the KAO Mine, Lesotho. It is 36. 06 carats, Type IIa, and has a spectacular pink shade.

  1. In January 2014, Lucapa Diamond discovered this unusual 32.20 carat stone at Lulo Mine in Angola. The precious stone is Type IIa, D-color, and is potentially a flawless stone.

Which of these magnificent raw stones appeals to you the most? Do you go for striking colors, or is size what counts the most for you? Check out our gallery of raw stones and see if you can find one most similar to your favorite from this list (and it won’t cost you $25 million!).


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