Press Release: The Raw Stone Joins Ethical Metalsmiths

Ethical Metalsmiths Adds The Raw Stone to its List of Responsible Suppliers
The Raw Stone Accepted to Ethical Metalsmiths’ prestigious list of suppliers geared to furthering sustainably sourced raw materials for the jewelry industry. 

San Francisco, CA. (June 16, 2015)The Raw Stone announced today that it was accepted by Ethical Metalsmiths as a trusted supplier of ethically-mined and traceable gemstones and rough diamonds. Ethical Metalsmiths identifies suppliers from around the world that have demonstrated their commitment to ethical practices. The group's prestigious list of suppliers is a trusted source for environmentally conscious jewelers. The Raw Stone is a supplier of gemstones and rough diamonds and has been dedicated to the sourcing of traceable and ethical materials since its founding in 2009.

The Raw Stone sources its gemstones from the Tanzania Women’s Mining Association, an organization that pools together small-scale miners, empowers women to work in mining, and educates miners on safe and ethical mining practices. The gemstones are cut and polished in TAWOMA’s women-run lapidary. The Raw Stone buys rough diamonds through siteholders and other industry leaders who can trace the diamonds back to their country of origin and often the specific mine where the diamonds were found. All of The Raw Stone's diamonds are Kimberley Certified, conflict-free and come with a certificate of origin.

“With organizations like Ethical Metalsmiths, and sourcing policies like we have at The Raw Stone, the jewelry industry is demonstrating its ability to self-regulate with little government involvement. We see this as an amazing development and a model by which other markets that have a troublesome history can follow,” said Kerin Jacobs, CEO of The Raw Stone. “We are proud to be a part of this important organization, and the movement of our industry toward a more ethical and sustainable future.”

“We are pleased to announce that The Raw Stone has joined Ethical Metalsmiths. The company has demonstrated a strong commitment to the values and principles that we support and we consider The Raw Stone to be a contributor to the ethical jewelry movement specifically in the areas of rough diamonds and gemstones,” said Christina Miller, Director of Ethical Metalsmiths.

The Raw Stone is listed on Ethical Metalsmiths website in the supplier listing section at the links below:

About The Raw Stone
The Raw Stone is a trusted source of natural rough diamonds and ethically mined gemstones from around the world. The Raw Stone works directly with socially conscious jewelers and individuals who want to create custom jewelry from the ground up. The founders of The Raw Stone are passionate about the gemstone, diamond and jewelry industries, and believe that consumers and jewelers alike should have access to high quality, ethical, and traceable gemstones and diamonds. In order to source their inventory, The Raw Stone team performs thorough research, deep due diligence, and secures strong relationships with industry luminaries. Living wages, humane treatment of workers, safety, education, and the absence of child labor are all key principles of the mines and lapidaries that work with The Raw Stone.  For more information about The Raw Stone and its sourcing philosophy, please visit: or send an email to:

About Ethical Metalsmiths
Ethical Metalsmiths is a nonprofit organization that leads jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry. Ethical Metalsmiths is considered a light amongst the industry, providing a path for jewellers and others to pave for a sustainable future. Visit to learn more.


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