Why Go Raw? – The Raw Stone

En route to a gem cutting facility in India, the driver began to tell us about how he knew of an even better facility where we could watch children polishing gemstones. Many, many children, he said, would you like to see?

After the hullaballoo that the movie “The Blood Diamond” caused, you may have been concerned with where your diamonds were mined. But, did you ever wonder where they were cut and polished?

Few people do.  Not only is a raw diamond or gemstone an elegant, natural, and unique piece to wear, it is also the most responsible choice when information is not readily available.

Countries where gems are commonly cut are also those countries where labor laws and oversight are slack. The smaller and more exquisite the facets of a stone, the more there is a need for small, nimble fingers to handle the cutting and polishing. Children are the most cheap and available source for this type of labor.

Buyer beware. We think it’s better to go raw.

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