Announcing the launch of our new website – The Raw Stone

We're excited to announce that our fresh and new website is live. The new site has some changes in graphics, navigation and messaging to make it a smoother, easier and clear shopping experience.

We've focused on our two main product lines to guide the entire site experience:

  1. Responsibly-sourced loose rough diamonds and natural sapphires. We sell these to both regular retail customers and wholesale customers - this includes jewelers and students.
  2. Ethical, handmade rough diamond and natural sapphire rings. These are created using the stones that are available on our site and our unique ring designs.


We've also made information about our ethical sourcing policy, our blog, customer testimonials, press and other important informational sources more easily available. For example, check out our sources page for detailed information on where our products come from. Most of our customers deeply care about our ethical sourcing policy, and it's important to us to be as transparent and responsible with our sources as possible.

We hope you love the new site, our new look and the new shopping experience. Contact us for any questions or suggestions, we are always happy to hear from you.



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