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Octahedron diamond

De Beers announced that they are now selling lab created diamonds to the public. What are lab created diamonds? How are they created? And how are they different from natural diamonds? Let's take a look ...

To the untrained eye, synthetic diamonds look identical to natural diamonds once in their final cut and polished form.

Synthetic vs. Natural Diamond

But there is a world of difference between these stones. First of all, check out what synthetic diamonds look like compared to natural diamonds in their rough form! Where natural diamonds have only triangular or diamond-shaped faces, synthetic diamonds have unmistakable square faces and flat bottoms.

Natural or synthetic rough diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have this strange structure because they are grown in high pressure chambers on a flat surface. The diamond is grown layer by layer on this flat surface, and therefore results in a funky, unnatural shape. The process takes up to three weeks.

Natural diamonds are formed in an amazing way over millions or billions of years! They are formed by extremely high pressure and temperature in the earth's mantle - approximately 90 miles below the earth's surface. Underground volcanic explosions - called Kimberley eruptions - carry diamonds closer to the surface of the earth where humans can access them. Here's a cool image of a Kimberlite explosion:

Kimberlite Explosion

Photo: De Beers

And here's what a Kimberlite pipe looks like from the surface of the earth - a deep, blue lake!

Kimberley Pipe from surface of the earth

Whether you prefer your diamonds to come from the center of the earth or a laboratory is up to you. But, if you're looking for something meaningful, natural and beautiful, we think the answer is pretty simple - go for real diamonds!

All our rough diamonds at The Raw Stone are 100% diamond and 100% natural. Please take a look at our collection of rough diamonds to see the many amazing shapes, colors, and sizes of this amazing mineral that our earth has created for us. It's unbelievable that you can put something so unique, ancient and earthly into a piece of jewelry and wear it forever.

The Midbar rough diamond ring

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