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New beginnings are one of the most amazing experiences in life, and they should be made special. Whether it's your second engagement (or more!), you should have the engagement ring of your dreams that represents the significance and beauty of this new stage.

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As a designer of ethical engagement rings using unique stones like rough diamonds or multihued sapphires that we procure from an artisanal family-run mine, we have some suggestions for your second marriage engagement ring that will be meaningful, stunning, and unique. Without further ado, here's our list of our favorite options for your special day.

1. Two-stone engagement ring with vine motif

This engagement ring incorporates two rough diamonds - representing the bride and the groom - and five tiny round diamonds to represent their combined children. The stones are brought together in a natural vine motif that winds around the stones.

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Two stone second marriage engagement ring with rough diamonds and vine motif

2. A minimalist teal sapphire engagement ring

Unlike the first time around, this time you're filled with color and light, and you want to represent that. These multihued teal sapphires are non-traditional and while their color is absolutely stunning, they're not what you find in regular engagement ring stores. And you're ready for that new look. Also, with a minimalist style, this ring gives the opportunity for multiple stacking rings above and below to enhance and play with your design. This ring is simple, fun, beautiful and meaningful - the sapphire was mined at an artisanal family owned and operated mine in Sri Lanka.

3. The Hila Ring with extra diamonds - a halo engagement ring with a rough diamond and tons of melee.

Who knows what you had the first time around, but this time you want lots of sparkle and diamonds, but you also want something unique. Here it is exactly! This is a halo style engagement ring where the diamonds are placed around a center rough diamond, and as a customization to give you extra sparkle, we add a few bright white cut diamonds along the band. This model below is in rose gold, and it looks absolutely stunning.

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Rough diamond halo engagement ring with extra diamonds for sparkle


4. The Stav Ring - A rough diamond engagement ring with two rough gemstones in a very natural setting with diamonds around the band

This ring is not afraid of anything or anyone! Here we have a unique natural style setting holding a big beautiful rough diamond in the middle, flanked by two rough gemstones of your choice - in this photo, they are amethyst. Around the band, we've made an eternity setting of cut diamonds. This ring is a stunning statement of power and beauty and color and sparkle.

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Natural raw diamond engagement ring with diamonds and amethysts


5. Cluster ring made from multiple heirloom diamonds

You've got the budget now, or you just happen to have some beautiful heirloom diamonds and sapphires hanging around to use. Whatever the case, you make a beautiful statement bouquet ring from them that will sparkle and ignite your hand. This particular ring we created in the photo below is made from the customer's heirloom diamonds from relatives' rings, and one of their own diamonds. Each large diamond is about a carat in size, and we incorporated the smaller diamonds that were also in their heirloom jewelry.

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Cluster engagement ring made with heirloom diamonds

6. Marquise emerald ring in a unique setting

You have a certain gemstone that you really love, and you never thought possible to use in an engagement ring. Hey, anything is possible! And this is the time to create your dreams. This custom ring we created with a large marquise shaped ethically sourced emerald that was mined in Zambia. The setting is also unique - with V-shaped prongs holding the marquise at a horizontal axis. It's beautiful and colorful and comfortable and minimalist.

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Marquise emerald engagement ring

7. A traditional ring with a twist - a rough diamond and a sapphire cluster

You like that traditional, simple look, but you don't want anything like those traditional diamonds this time. Here we've taken a very traditional concept and made it really unique and beautiful. The center stone is a diamond, and the sidestones are a cluster of multihued sapphires from an artisanal mine in Sri Lanka. This ring is going to be one-of-a-kind and a conversation starter, candy for your hand!

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8. The Toi et Moi Ring with Ethical Stones

Sorry traditional engagement ring, but we don't want you anymore! This ring features two stones set in a toi et moi setting. Essentially, the band wraps around the finger with a stone set at each side that meet one above the other. This ring elongates the finger, is extremely comfortable, and incorporates a rough diamond and a sapphire.


Toi et Moi rough diamond ring

9. As traditional as it gets

Maybe you're ready for simple, traditional and clear cut. This is the perfect ring for you, there's nothing "extra" about it, it's just straightforward and clean and clear and beautiful.

Simple setting of a one carat diamond engagement ring

10. Deep blue sapphire clusters

These two rings were made for customers for a second time around, and they incorporate navy blue sapphires as the center stone, with other stones around them in a cluster. One customer chose to reuse some heirloom stones while the other customer chose smaller sapphires from our collection. We are able to customize a ring like this for you, with exactly the stones you like, from our collection or yours.

Sapphire and heirloom cluster engagement ring

Sapphire cluster ring in platinum

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