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Wondering where to find the perfect, unique, artistic, meaningful engagement ring? Well, look no further! The Raw Stone is making custom engagement rings and we're letting you choose every last bit of the design, from the precise diamonds, to types of metal, to the texture of the metal, and even down to the font of the inscription.

Let's take a quick tour of some of the rough diamond engagement rings we've created this engagement season for some amazing couples.

Three-stone rough diamond engagement ring

This is the Te'anim Ring, a three-stone rough diamond engagement ring. The two raw diamond side stones are bezel set, and the center rough diamond is set in light prongs. The metal is 18k yellow gold, and has a lightly hammered finish. The band is 2mm in thickness, and is a comfort fit. This couple was married in July in Ein Gedi, Israel amongst botanical gardens overlooking the Dead Sea. They chose matching gold hammered wedding bands as well.

Lightweight 18k white gold rough diamond engagement ring

This beautiful, delicate rough diamond engagement ring is the Adin Ring. It has a 1.5mm round band, four light prongs which gently and firmly hold the rough diamond and a high shine finish. It is 18k recycled white gold with rhodium. The rough diamond is a triangle-shaped 1.10 carat very clean maccle. The delicate setting allowed for light to pass through this interesting centerpiece raw diamond. This was made for a very happy couple in Australia who were a sincere pleasure to work with.

Wide gold rough diamond engagement ring

The Malkah ring. This beautiful ring is a true piece of artwork. The band is 5.5mm in width, and envelops a 1.09 carat oblong-shaped rough diamond in a bezel setting that is open from both the top and the bottom to allow light to pass through the raw diamond. The hammering on the surface of the engagement ring was designed to match the contours of the rough diamond. The material is 18k white gold. This ring was custom-designed together with an amazing, inspired customer in San Francisco, California. We wish the happy couple all the very best!

Simple gold rough diamond prong-set engagement ring

This lovely ring is the Arum Ring. This rough diamond engagement ring was custom designed for a customer who requested a simple prong setting and comfort band for their engagement ring. The diamond is a .90 carat rough diamond dodecahedron, and it set perfectly in this type of setting. It is a comfort band of 2mm in thickness, is made from 18k yellow gold, and has a light hammered finish. Congratulations to the happy couple, they were engaged in Kentucky this autumn!

Bezel set rough diamond engagement ring from 18k yellow gold

Last but not least, this is the Hester Ring. This engagement ring was custom-designed for a customer who requested that the stone be set within the band in a bezel setting that was open to both sky and below. As you can see, the bezel is at the same level as the band itself, and the rough diamond sits securely within. The 18k yellow gold band is a comfort fit and is 2mm in width. This stylish, friendly couple was married this December in Toronto, and it was our great pleasure to have played our small part in their engagement and wedding plans.

So, now that you have an idea of the type of engagement rings we've been making for these amazing couples, feel free to send us a line if you have any questions. We take inspiration from your descriptions, photos, sketches, and conversations that we have with you. Browse through our rough diamonds to see which stones are available for setting, and to get a bit more inspiration for your rough diamond engagement ring designs. And when you're ready, contact us at:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!




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