1.70 carat unbelievably beautiful freeform raw diamond

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Shape: Freeform

Title: Diamond

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Type of Stone : Diamond

Shape : Freeform

Carats : 1.70

Measurements : 7.16 x 6.15 x 5.32mm

Color : Near colorless with a slight silver undertone

Description : If this is still on our site after a month, we will be surprised. This rough diamond is absolutely insane. Here goes. At the center peak of the stone sits a perfect triangle with a glassy face that allows you to peer directly inside the stone (which is clean and clear). Emanating from the sides of the triangles are what appear to be almost like terraces or tiers in the diamond that step down lower and lower to reach the base of the stone. The effect is a clear window at the top, then parallel lines at various angles from the triangle creating shine and sparkle and refracting light everywhere! The back of the stone is flat so it will set exquisitely in a ring. Any style ring will look amazing with this stone.

Source : DTC (the Diamond Trading Company), we are quite certain it is from South Africa but new provenance claim rules from the DTC require that we state it is from Namibia, South Africa, Botswana or Canada

Certifications : This stone was traded between borders completely in keeping with the Kimberley Process and is therefore conflict-free and does not finance violence by rebel groups seeking to undermine legitimate governments anywhere on earth.