10.0 carat parcel of mixed champagne color-range rough diamond melee

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Type of mineral: Pure diamond

Shape: Various shapes

Sizes: Range of 1-2.5mm

Color: Champagne Mix

Description: Rough diamond melee has a number of uses in modern jewelry - from setting along a band in an eternity band to placing around the center stone in a halo ring to casting directly into the jewelry itself and many more. The melee is sparkly, interesting, and provides a unique depth and intrigue to a piece. There are three parcels of champagne mix available, each approximately 10 carats. Shown in the photo is a parcel of 3.23 carats, so the 10 carat parcel is about three times the size of the parcel in the image. Note that the ring included in the photos is 1.5mm in width and is placed to give an idea of scale.

Details About Source: Siteholder Goods and conflict-free. These are mix of Botswanan and South African diamonds. They are Kimberley-certified.