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  • Te'anim Ring
  • Te'anim Ring
  • Te'anim Ring
  • Te'anim Ring

Te'anim Ring


Product Details

The Te'anim is an artistic engagement ring that is made to showcase three stones side-by-side. In the photo, we've used a larger centerpiece rough diamond with two smaller, colored rough diamonds alongside. This ring can be made with any type of stone - rough diamonds, cut diamonds, rough gemstones, or cut gemstones. See below for more details on how this works. The band is 2mm in thickness and is a comfort fit. The surface of the band can be hammered, brushed or left smooth.

How it works:

Choose any three stones from our collection, and add them to your cart. Alternatively, contact us directly if you have a specific shape or size cut gemstone or diamond in mind. This ring would also be lovely with a centerpiece rough or cut diamond with two uniquely cut sapphires on either side. We will custom source the sapphires from our partner mine in Sri Lanka and have them cut for you. We can also custom source a GIA certified cut diamond for you if you prefer a cut diamond to a rough diamond. These will be the stones that we set into the this ring for you.

Choose your ring style. Make sure to check your preferences correctly - your ring size, what type of metal you would like, and if you'd like to have an inscription on the inside of the ring, please add this as well. We will get in direct touch with you to confirm these details and to confirm the surface texturing of the ring that you would like.

Purchase all products through the checkout system on our website. We will then get in touch with you directly to confirm your purchase and all of the details.

Please allow 4-5 weeks to receive your ring if you chose stones that are already on our site. If you chose to source custom stones that are not on our site, it can take up to 12 weeks. If you need it to be rushed, please contact us directly at:

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