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If you're considering - or already have - a raw diamond ring, then you're probably wondering if it's a practical choice. You've got questions like - will it last? Will I be able to wear it all the time? How will I take care of it? These are all totally legitimate and important things to wonder about, and so we have compiled all your questions and are answering them here!

Question #1. Will a rough diamond engagement ring last?

In short, yes.

Rough diamonds are much more difficult than cut stones to set - as you can see from how our prongs are often shaped differently than you're used to seeing in regular pieces. We have to find the exact apex of the stone, and then we mold the prongs around the diamond to the most secure locations to hold it in place. This is a very unique skill, and only experienced rough diamond jewelers should be trusted to create a rough diamond ring.

The Gefen ring

Other than the prongs looking slightly different than other types of rings, rough diamond rings are exactly the same as any other ring you might wear. And so, they have the same longevity and strength.

Question #2: Will I be able to wear my raw diamond ring all the time?

Like most rings (and unless you have a bezel setting), rough diamond rings have prongs, and prongs are just tiny pieces of bendable metal. Gold is one of the most pliable substances on earth, so it has to be cared for properly. Here are some things you probably should take your rough diamond ring off for:

  • Weightlifting
  • Gardening
  • Contact sports
  • Rock climbing (this could scratch the interior part of the ring)
  • Kneading dough and working with clay (pieces can get stuck inside the ring)
  • And avoid fist fights while wearing your ring and also while not wearing your ring :)

Question #4: How do I care for my rough diamond ring?

If you see that you need to clean your ring, it's pretty simple - take a clean soft toothbrush, some dish soap and scrub it gently with warm water. That should clean out any dirt or scum that has built up in your ring.

Inspect your prongs every couple of months for wear and tear or for possible shifts. Prongs are easily bent as mentioned above, and its best to check them before a stone can become loose. If you notice that a prong is bent, broken, worn or that your stone is slightly loose, then take it to a jewelry repair shop (or contact us, if you have a The Raw Stone ring) to have it tightened. Tightening prongs is very common in all ring types, and it's recommend to have rings routinely tightened twice a year.

Question #5: How can I continue to live my active life while wearing my raw diamond engagement ring?

If you know that you're an active person and you really want a raw diamond ring, then great! You can have it all. But, we recommend that if you get a prong style ring, request to have at least 6 prongs on the ring. Or, choose a bezel style ring for extra security.

6 Pronged engagement ring - the Ruah Ring

 I'm sure you have more questions for us, so please feel free to reach out at any time, we are happy to help!


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