0.98 carat unearthly and shiny rough diamond rhombododecahedron

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Type of Stone: Diamond

Shape: Rhombododecahedron

Carats: 0.98

Measurements: 5x5.18x4.35mm

Color: Colorless, D

Description: This diamond is so colorless that its color almost seems unearthly, as if we could name a whole new color out of perfect shiny and light filled perfection. In any case, this diamond has many of the aspects that we think make a perfect diamond for a very high quality raw diamond ring - it has an amazing and interesting structure, with different sized smooth faces in each direction with nice lines that catch and refract light in all directions, it has a very clear interior that allows you to see directly through the center of the stone, it has some matter trapped from creation in its center that is laid bare due to the incredible quality of the piece, the matter is flecked carbon compounds that were trapped millions of years ago beneath the earth's crust as the diamond was just being formed - the carbon compounds supposedly came from a star from a foreign galaxy that crashed into earth, so really, when you wear this stone, you are wearing stardust, or even you are wearing a microcosm of the entire universe.

Source: DTC (the Diamond Trading Company), we are quite certain it is from South Africa but new provenance claim rules from the DTC require that we state it is from Namibia, South Africa, Botswana or Canada

Certifications: This stone was traded between borders completely in keeping with the Kimberley Process and is therefore conflict-free and does not finance violence by rebel groups seeking to undermine legitimate governments anywhere on earth.