1.67 carat incredible and proportional raw diamond octahedron

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Type of Stone: Diamond

Shape: Octahedron

Carats: 1.67

Measurements: 7.1 x 7.09 x 5.41mm

Color: Near Colorless, D/E

Description: Oh wow, this stone is incredible. I write these descriptions one by one as I sit in my office, and I came upon this stone and just said, wow. It's big, it's proportional, it's bright white, it's clean and and clear but not too clear if you know what I mean (like it's not glassy, it's diamondy), and there is this awesome effect on the "windows" of each side. If you look closely, the windows have etchings of what appear to be mountains, almost like ancient cave etchings, but here, made by the earth over the formation of this diamond for millions of years. This is going to be an expensive stone, and it completely justifies its value. This is a very very nice piece.

Source: DTC (the Diamond Trading Company), we are quite certain it is from South Africa but new provenance claim rules from the DTC require that we state it is from Namibia, South Africa, Botswana or Canada

Certifications: This stone was traded between borders completely in keeping with the Kimberley Process and is therefore conflict-free and does not finance violence by rebel groups seeking to undermine legitimate governments anywhere on earth.