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Michael L. - Verified Buyer

Green Diamond and Adin Ring The ring came in when it was supposed to. It came in as requested, before a specific date. Very good service and the ring is... Leer más
Sarah W. - Verified Buyer

Sarah W. - Verified Buyer

0.78 carat blue-green rough diamond octahedron The stone is beautiful! My questions were answered promptly and the stone was shipped quickly. I definitely recommend the raw stone! 5/1/2017 Leer más

Krista Y. - Verified Buyer

Great customer service, they were able to help me with a specific shape and color of stone. My customer was very happy. 2/3/2017 Leer más

Caelen Ellis - Verified Buyer

Great customer service and great product!! We need more people like Kerin in this industry:) 9/15/2016 Leer más

Elias S. - Verified Buyer

Great stone. Beautiful and exactly what I wanted. 1/4/2017 Leer más

Will K. - Verified Buyer

Beautiful stones!  Leer más

Isaiah T. - Verified Buyer

Rough Octahedron  I love it, I made an engagement ring for my partner and she loves it!  11/23/16 Leer más

Gael M.

Beautiful stone and great service  Found exactly what I was looking for on the site. After a brief Skype call which helped answer a few of my questions I completed... Leer más