About The Raw Stone

The Raw Stone is the preeminent source of traceable and ethically-sourced rough diamonds and sapphires.


The story of The Raw Stone began in 2009 when our founder Kerin Jacobs set out to change the world for the better by finding sources of diamonds and gemstones for the jewelry industry that were safe, ethical, and traceable. She was soon providing jewelers internationally with responsibly sourced and traceable to origin diamonds and gemstones. Today we now also provide a line of unique raw diamond and sapphire engagement rings. We are proud to say that The Raw Stone continues to supply jewelers and individuals worldwide with traceable, conflict-free, child-labor-free, ethically sourced rough diamonds and gemstones of the highest quality. We look forward to meeting many of you, and are happy to discuss any of your sourcing requests. Please contact us directly with any questions: info@therawstone.com