1.36 carat stunning and architectural raw diamond octahedron

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Shape: Octahedron

Title: Diamond

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Type of Stone : Diamond

Shape : Octahedron

Carats : 1.36

Measurements : 6.95 x 7.01 x 5.91mm

Color : Slight natural undertone but near colorless overall

Description : This is the type of stone that we absolutely love - a perfect octahedron with excellent lines that aren't too sharp. The surface of the stone is smooth and clean and clear with near microscopic trigons that are only visible if looking up close - these are tiny triangles etched naturally into the stone that are very difficult to see, but when you spot them are amazing! The structure of the stone internally is laid bare by the face that it is so clean and clear on the surface. There are crystals in there, slight trappings of matter from its formation millions of years ago, and other areas where it is clear as air. Lovely piece.

Source : DTC (the Diamond Trading Company), we are quite certain it is from South Africa but new provenance claim rules from the DTC require that we state it is from Namibia, South Africa, Botswana or Canada

Certifications : This stone was traded between borders completely in keeping with the Kimberley Process and is therefore conflict-free and does not finance violence by rebel groups seeking to undermine legitimate governments anywhere on earth.