The Raw Stone is a supplier and source of traceable rough diamonds, and ethically-mined gemstones. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality stones, described and photographed accurately, for jewelers and individuals alike.

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme: The Raw Stone is a proud adherent to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in which all of our rough diamonds are imported and exported with Kimberley Certificates to certify that our stones are conflict-free.

The Campaign for Ethical Jewelry: The Raw Stone has taken the pledge to maintain a clean and ethical supply chain. More details on precisely how we maintain this high standard at the link below.

Our Story


I'm Kerin Jacobs, and I'm the founder of The Raw Stone. In 2009, I set out to find something new and interesting and good to do. I have always had a passion for gemstones, rocks and minerals of all kinds, so I focused on that and went out and started speaking to jewelers, gem cutters, miners, and anyone I could talk to about the jewelry industry. It was through these conversations that I realized that it was extremely difficult, if not impossible, for jewelers and individuals who cared about the source of their gemstones and diamonds to find something ethical and traceable. I began to understand how the gemstone and diamond industries worked, and couldn't believe what I discovered. The industries were run just as they had been for hundreds of years - with little oversight, stones being mixed to make large parcels, then large parcels being sold from one acquaintance to another, and the original sources of the many stones being completely lost. I also learned about many of the extremely unethical mining methods used worldwide. And that's when I decided to try to make a real change, and thus started The Raw Stone.

Today, I am proud to say that The Raw Stone is able to supply jewelers and individuals alike with traceable, conflict-free, child-labor-free, ethically sourced rough diamonds and gemstones of the highest quality. Our partnerships with the Tanzania Association of Women Miners (TAWOMA) brings us a variety of responsibly mined and cut gemstones from Tanzania, our relationships with trusted suppliers and siteholders at some of the world's largest diamond centers allow us to supply traceable rough diamonds of all types, and our most recent partnership with a family-owned, family-run, responsible mine in Sri Lanka provides us with a constant flow of the most beautiful Ceylon sapphires in a rainbow of colors across the spectrum.

We are excited to continue to bring in new products all the time. And, we are excited to see how jewelers have been creatively incorporating our gemstones and the wild and irregular shapes of our rough diamonds into their jewelry. We look forward to meeting many of you, and are happy to discuss any of your sourcing requests. Please contact me directly with any questions: info@therawstone.com


Use our ethical gemstones, responsibly sourced rough diamonds, or even your own heirloom stones to create your unique jewelry piece. You'll work with us directly, one-on-one.

Contact us at info@therawstone.com to get started