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Gemstones and diamonds have always fascinated me. When I was a child, I spent all my pocket money on tumbled rocks from a store near my house. I’d display them on my bookshelf, labeling each of the unique pieces. I always knew I wanted to work in rocks and minerals somehow. As I grew older, I discovered these stones and the way they are mined is incredibly problematic.

So, I wanted to do my part in improving the world for the better. I found methods and sources of diamonds and gemstones that I could feel good about. For diamonds – I found that cutting out the polishing step eliminated the chance that child labor or sweatshops were used to create them, I found a women’s mining collective in Tanzania that I could buy tanzanites, citrines, garnets, rubies and many other types of gemstones from, and I discovered a very small, artisanal family-owned mine in Sri Lanka that brings forth gorgeous sapphires of every color imaginable.

Join me in my journey to improve the world for the better. Follow The Raw Stone on social media, wear the pieces we create, enjoy our ethically sourced rough diamonds and gemstones, and become an ambassador for ethics, sustainability, and connection with the earth and those around us.

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Use our ethical gemstones, responsibly sourced rough diamonds, or even your own heirloom stones to create your unique jewelry piece. You'll work with us directly, one-on-one.

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