Rough Diamonds

Rough diamonds in a row, all shapes and colors

What is a rough diamond? How was it formed? What colors and shapes are there? Was it cut or polished in any way? These are some of the many questions we get about rough diamonds. Sometimes they're also called raw diamonds, uncut diamonds, natural diamonds, or diamonds in the rough. No matter what they are called, our rough diamonds are diamonds that were naturally formed by the earth over millions of years and have been unchanged from the moment they were mined from the earth. They are not cut, polished, heat treated, or tumbled, rather they were formed completely by the earth and the earth alone. Rough diamonds come in a variety of shapes - octahedrons, dodecahedrons, cubes, triangles, rounds, and of course freeform shapes we call "rough crystals". Every rough diamond has the possibility of being cut and polished into various shapes, and their value is dependent upon the quality and size of the final cut diamond the raw diamond produces. Rough diamonds can easily be placed directly in jewelry, especially in raw diamond engagement rings. They are a beautiful metaphor for the beginning and the potential of a long lasting relationship.


What are rough diamonds, uncut diamonds, raw diamonds?
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