1.29 carat proportionate and intriguing rough diamond octahedron

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Cut: Dodecahedron

Title: Diamond

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Type of Stone : Diamond

Shape : Octahedron

Carats : 1.29

Measurements : 6.04 x 6.20 x 5.01mm

Color : As is, in its uncut state, the stone is in the D-E color range

Clarity : Extremely high clarity that shows a few tiny flecks within the stone

Description : One of the most amazing things about rough diamonds is that the more you look at them, the more you can find. In this particular rough diamond, that is so true, and it makes the stone so very unique and beautiful. The surface has some texturing that is actually crystalline structure. It is perfectly clean and clear, so the texturing appears as sparkles from a distance, and upon closer inspection, one can see a myriad of interesting crystalline geometric patterns. The stone has a nice octahedral shape with some flatness to it, so it could be set flat-side-down wherein the full structure of the stone would be laid bare in the jewelry piece. Deep inside the rock are some tiny flecks of coal that were trapped during the diamond's creation. These flecks look a bit more pronounced in the photos than in real life due to the intricacies of macro diamond photography! It is a lovely and bright stone that is quite sizeable. We recommend it for any type of rough diamond jewelry.

Source : This stone was sourced from South Africa directly through a siteholder

Certifications : This rough diamond is a conflict-free diamond and is designated as such by the Kimberley Process. It was imported to the United States properly with a Kimberley Certificate.