1.34 carat oblong and structured free-form rough diamond crystal

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Cut: Crystal

Title: Diamond

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Type of Stone : Diamond

Shape : Free-form / irregular crystal

Carats : 1.34

Measurements : 8.03 x 5.46 x 3.70mm

Color : As is, in its uncut state, the stone is in the F-G color range

Clarity : Nearly flawless - some internal structuring (seams)

Description : This rough diamond is big and spectacular. It has an oblong shape and clarity that allow the full length of the stone to be peered into clearly. The internal markings of the stone are clear seams, which means that one can actually see the crystalline structure from the outside. The darker spots in the photos are shadows, except for one fleck which can either be laid bare in the setting for visibility or covered by a prong. This stone has a different look at each angle, we prefer the angle that is shown in the first photo as the angle that faces upward in the setting. This is an excellent stone for a ring because it contours excellently with the finger and sets sizeably.

Source : This stone was sourced from South Africa directly through a siteholder

Certifications : This rough diamond is a conflict-free diamond and is designated as such by the Kimberley Process. It was imported to the United States properly with a Kimberley Certificate.