Responsible Ceylon Sapphires – The Raw Stone
May 13, 2012 

Here at the Raw Stone, we’re pleased to announce that we’re bringing in new stones from Sri Lanka. The stones are white and green sapphires that are mined, cut, polished, and sold all under the auspices of the same organization – thus ensuring a cleaner, safer, and more responsible supply chain.

The family-owned and operated mine is located near Ratnapura and the cutting facilities are located in an area called Chinafort.

Legal mining practices in Sri Lanka as a whole are generally considered more responsible than other geographies with similar gemstone resources. This is due to Sri Lanka's heavy government regulation and the country's thousand year-old traditional mining practices.  Government regulation is focused on reducing negative environmental and social impacts - use of heavy equipment and strip-mining are prohibited. As for traditional mining practices - most mining operations in Sri Lanka are small-scale operations in which each participant shares in the profit of the venture.

For more information on these brilliant and responsible Ceylon sapphires, please contact us directly at


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