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Are diamonds unnecessarily expensive?

Are diamonds unnecessarily expensive?

You've probably heard that there's an oversupply of diamonds in the world, and that diamonds are not actually rare. You may have also heard that there is a conglomerate of... Read More
Rough diamonds – how to understand our rough diamond descriptions.

Rough diamonds – how to understand our rough diamond descriptions.

So, you want to choose a rough diamond from our collection, perhaps for a raw diamond engagement ring, or a piece of rough diamond jewelry for a loved one or... Read More
30 Unique Raw, Rustic, and Rough Diamond Engagement Rings - The Raw Stone Featured on

30 Unique Raw, Rustic, and Rough Diamond Engagement Rings - The Raw Stone Featured on

We've got some awesome news! We are honored to have one of our raw diamond engagement ring designs included in's amazing list of rough diamond rings! Check out the... Read More
Lots of rough diamonds and raw diamonds and colored diamonds

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Stone for Your Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

You're ready to create a beautiful raw diamond engagement ring, but you have no idea how to choose that center rough diamond. Follow these steps to choose your perfect stone.... Read More

The Raw Stone's Founder Kerin Jacobs Interviewed in

Wedding Diaries: This Alternative Engagement Ring Designer Lives For Diamonds in the Rough By: Eliana Sagarin July 09, 2019 Kerin Jacobs of The Raw Stone breaks down why 13 percent... Read More
Ethical sourcing of rough diamonds

Ethical Sourcing of Rough Diamonds

How to define an ethically-sourced rough diamond. When choosing your rough diamond, it's important to know exactly why it's ethically sourced, and what, exactly, that means. And, defining ethical sourcing... Read More

4 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Consider a Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement is a magical time, when you and your partner take your relationship to the next level and commit to a lifetime together. Your engagement ring is a symbol... Read More
The Raw Stone Featured in Omni Escapes Magazine with Rough Diamond Ring

The Raw Stone Rough Diamond Rings Featured in Escapes Magazine!

We are so extremely honored and excited to be featured in the Summer 2018 Issue of Omni Hotels and Resorts' Escapes Magazine. The article, titled "A Cut Above: Unconventional Diamond... Read More
Kimberley Certificate

10 Things You Should Know About Kimberley Certificates

So you want a conflict-free diamond, that means you need a Kimberley Certificate, right? You'd be surprised. Here are the top ten things you should know about Kimberley Certificates: 1.... Read More
Synthetic versus natural rough diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds and How Diamonds are Formed

De Beers announced that they are now selling lab created diamonds to the public. What are lab created diamonds? How are they created? And how are they different from natural... Read More