10 of Our Favorite Custom Engagement Rings – The Raw Stone

Congratulations on your soon-to-be engagement! If you're looking for a unique and meaningful way to commemorate your relationship, custom engagement rings are the perfect solution. Whether you opt for a rough diamond ring, sapphire ring, or an ethical engagement ring, these handmade pieces ensure that the only one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry worn by you and your partner is truly special. Here are 10 of our favorite earth inspired rustic and unique custom engagement rings.

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1. Rough Diamond Ring

Rough diamond engagement ring with unique setting

This rough diamond ring is perfect for nature lovers who appreciate the beauty of raw materials in their jewelry. The center stone is set in 14k white gold with the gold retreating into a vinelike motif below the prongs. The natural shape of the rough diamond creates an organic texture that adds character and charm to this unique piece.


2. Sapphire Ring

Teal cushion cut sapphire ring

For those looking to make a bold statement, this sapphire ring is sure to turn heads. It features a stunning ocean blue sapphire set in 14k rose gold with four delicate simple prongs. This eye-catching design makes it a timeless choice for engagements as well as anniversaries.

3. Ethical Engagement Ring

Ethical engagement ring with mine to market sapphire and rough diamonds

This ethical engagement ring features responsibly sourced conflict-free rough diamonds flanking a teal artisanally mined sapphire that we sourced directly from the family owned and operated mine in Sri Lanka. This ring is set in 14k white gold with a slight hammering along the edges to give it an earthier texture. The diamonds have been hand selected based on their shape and bright white color to effectively contrast and uplift the center sapphire, ensuring that each one sparkles brilliantly when light hits it. This ethical design ensures that you can wear your ring proudly knowing that no harm was done to obtain its materials.


4. Rustic Engagement Ring

Rustic earth inspired platinum engagement ring

This rustic engagement ring has been crafted from platinum and features a stunning 1.75 carat rough diamond set in a handmade prong setting with a hammered bands for added texture and interest. The minimalist design ensures that this piece will never go out of style and will be cherished by generations to come.


5 . Rose Gold Engagement Ring     

Rose gold rough diamond engagement ring

If you’re looking for something non-traditional and unique, this rose gold engagement ring is perfect for you. It features three roundish rough diamonds set in 18k rose gold with a channel setting around the band with cut diamonds which adds extra sparkle and shine to this beautiful piece of jewelry.


6 . Nature Inspired Engagement Ring      

Nature inspired engagement ring

This nature inspired engagement ring features two rough diamonds set in platinum with a vine motif surrounding them symbolizing growth, love, and commitment between two people. Not the tiny cut diamonds interspersed throughout the design - these represent the couple's children.


7 . Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring      

Unique engagement ring with heirloom diamond and sapphires

This vintage inspired engagement ring features a pear shaped heirloom diamond framed on one side by natural oval sapphires set in 14K rose gold with intricate milgrain detailing along the edges of the diamond creating an elegant look reminiscent of antique pieces from days gone by.


8 . Geometric Engagement Ring      

Geometrical engagement ring in a bouquet setting

If you’re looking for something modern yet classic, then this geometric engagement ring is an awesome idea. We took a mix of differently shaped and sized cut diamonds and placed them in a geometric pattern for a bouquet effect. They're set in 14K yellow gold and create an architectural pattern that catches the light beautifully.


9 . Art Deco Inspired Engagement Ring      

Art deco inspired engagement ring

For those who appreciate art deco style, this art deco inspired engagement ring combines a minimalist modern aspect with classic details such as the emerald cut diamonds gradually decreasing in size around the ring creating an eye catching piece of jewelry sure to make any bride feel unique and special.


10 . Minimalist Engagement Ring

Minimalist engagement ring      

Finally, if minimalism is more your thing then this minimalist engagement ring is sure to please! Featuring one round brilliant cut 1 carat diamond set in 14K yellow gold on an elegantly simple band, this delicate piece will speak volumes without shouting its presence from the rooftops.

No matter what type of custom engagement rings you choose—whether they are rustic or sophisticated—they all have one thing in common: they are all handmade from ethically sourced materials ensuring that each one is truly unique just like your relationship. With so many options available there's bound to be something here that speaks directly to both your hearts so why not start shopping today? Good luck finding “the one”—we wish you all the best on your journey together.

Ready to get started on your own custom engagement ring? Contact us here with your ideas >>


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