Stone Sources


We source all our rough diamonds from siteholders and industry luminaries who we trust, and who can trace the stones back to their country of origin. Raw diamonds that are uncut are much easier to trace, as they are not mixed with other parcels in order to be polished. Rough diamonds typically enter the market in a large, sealed parcel from one particular mining company. This parcel is sent to a trusted rough diamond dealer, or siteholder, who then sorts through the parcel, creating smaller parcels of like stones, and then distributes these smaller parcels to other dealers, stores, jewelers, and companies throughout the world. Typically, we work with these original siteholders, and they are located in the various diamond centers throughout the world - Ramat Gan, Antwerp, New York, and Toronto, to name a few.


Most of our gemstones come from the Tanzania Women's Mining Association (TAWOMA), an organization in Tanzania that pools together small scale miners, empowers women to work in mining, and educates miners on safe and ethical mining practices. When TAWOMA is unable to supply gemstones that are atypical to Tanzania, we work directly with mines and gem cutters throughout the world who are dedicated to modern and ethical mining and cutting practices. These mines and cutting facilities are located in such countries as Sri Lanka, Australia, India, and the United States.



Use our ethical gemstones, responsibly sourced rough diamonds, or even your own heirloom stones to create your unique jewelry piece. You'll work with us directly, one-on-one.

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