Raziel ring - a customizable rough diamond and sapphire cluster engagement ring

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Material: 14k Yellow Gold


This is our first customizable cluster engagement ring! It is the most beautiful engagement ring that truly has it all. The ring model shown contains a 1.0 carat rough diamond octahedron at its center with an ethereal cluster of three cut and polished sapphires at its side. The three sapphires are absolutely natural and are in a spectrum of shades of blue, though you will have the option to choose any color and shape you would like. The cut and multicolored sapphires standing beside the naturally formed and colorless rough diamond contrast and complement one another simultaneously. It's such a beautiful metaphor for the perfect relationship built into the most breathtaking ring. Set in 14k white gold in the image, but you can choose your color gold in the options above.

The price INCLUDES your sidestones. We have a large range of sapphire and rough diamond sidestone options that are not on our site and we will work with you together after your purchase to choose which stones to place there. 

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We will get in touch with you directly to confirm your purchase and details. Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your ring. If you need it to be rushed, please contact us directly at info@therawstone.com.

A note about the source:

We sourced the sapphires as rough directly from our partner mine in Sri Lanka. It is an artisanal family-owned and operated mine that adheres to the highest labor and environmental standards in Sri Lanka. We sourced this rough diamond through a siteholder in Ramat Gan, Israel and therefore we are able to trace it directly to the mine in South Africa.