How to Choose Your Rough Diamond Ring Style – The Raw Stone

If you’re looking for the perfect way to express your love and commitment, a diamond ring may be just the thing. But you're considering taking it up a notch by choosing a rough diamond ring. Not only do raw diamond rings have an unmistakable, organic look that evokes romance and adventure, but they also come in so many styles—from subtle solitaires to bold statement pieces—so you’re sure to find something unique. In this blog post we’ll discuss how to select a style of rough diamond ring that best expresses who you are as a couple, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about purchasing one. So if you want something intricate yet natural for your special someone, read on!

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Rough diamond and sapphire ring styles in a row

What raw diamond ring style options do I have?

First of all, by ring styles we mean the design of the band and the setting of your ring - basically, the metal part of the ring. The options range from very simple and minimalist engagement rings to classic styles to rustic, earthy styles, and finally, to one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Below we'll give you a quick idea of how you can think about each of these designs, and then later we'll drill down to more specifics.

Minimalist style engagement rings are rings that have such a simple band that the band and prongs melt into the background and uplift the center stone. These rings make the center stone the centerpiece of the design. If you want to highlight the stone you've chosen - because it's amazing, or because it's a rough diamond, or  because it's a unique multicolored sapphire or something else - then this is a great option. The other benefit of minimalist styles is that they can be added to later on with stacking rings that can add personal style and additional meaning, without being tied to a certain type of design.

The ora ring a rough diamond bezel set engagement ring


Classic style engagement rings are rings that we've designed specifically to reflect the styles of engagement rings of our day. These are sophisticated designs that without a unique stone, would appear to be the type of ring that is popular on the market today. But, we place a rough diamond inside of these rings, and it changes the concept completely. It suddenly becomes a complementary and beautiful balance of opposing design concepts - manmade order with natural order, earth entrenched in human design, expected and normal with something surprising and different, perfect and imperfect, coexisting all at once. The effect is astoundingly stunning.

The Kerah ring - a classic rough diamond ring with melee on the band


Rustic, earthy style rough diamond rings are designs that tend to complement the style of the rough diamond. For example, the band may be naturally hammered to give it a natural, rough surface, or it could be sandblasted so that the surface is matte and even looks a bit like the earth. This is a style that people go for when they're all in on the rough concept of the ring - both in the stone and in the design. These rings are typically handmade from start to finishing, and the soul of the design can really be felt.

The Ruah ring - a rustic raw diamond ring


One-of-a-kind statement piece ring designs are rings that will completely wow or shock or surprise people, depending on who is looking at the ring of course! These are very unique designs that we created specifically to show off how beautiful rough diamonds can be and what a truly talented team of craftspeople like our team can do with them. These styles range from incorporating channel set tiny cut diamonds along a band into a rustic setting of the main stone, sidestones of multiple colors of other gemstones that we source ethically from mine-to-market, criss-cross basket styles that enclose a rough diamond into an orb of gold and tiny diamonds, and other out-of-the-box design concepts.

The Stav Ring

Which ring should I choose specifically?

Now that you've got a general idea of which category style you like, it's much easier to drill down to which ring style specifically you resonate with. Click the links below and they'll open new tabs for you so you can compare the styles of rings. Some of the classic rings could also be considered minimalist and vice versa, but here's how we generally group them.

Minimalist rings:

Classic rings:

Rustic, Earthy rings:

One-of-a-kind Statement rings:

What about my center stone - do I need to choose that first or last?

Sometimes it's great to already have an idea in mind of what type of stone you'd like before you start thinking about your ring style. Some types of stones don't work with certain rings, but you don't have to worry about that because we've added suggested stones to the options on the ring style page.

That said, there are about 12 different stone options on each ring style for you to choose from! That's a lot. So, we we've dedicated a few posts to how to choose your raw diamond like here, here and here.

The best rule of thumb that we can give you is, go to the raw diamonds or sapphires or tanzanites section of our website, and choose the stone that pops out to you or resonates with you most. We have chosen each of these beautiful stones specifically to be used in our rings, and we think you can't go wrong with any choice. If you see a stone you love and it's not one of the options for the ring style you love, just contact us directly and we'll work with you to incorporate the two.

What if I have a ring concept in mind but it's not available on the site?

This is our favorite type of ring creation! We would be happy to work with you directly to create your personal design with one of our stones. Our team is adept at creating any type of ring you can imagine, and we'd be thrilled to help you bring your dream ring concept into reality. Contact us directly to get started.

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