Partnering With The Glacier Conservancy to Support Stewardship of Our – The Raw Stone

We are so pleased to announce our partnership with The Glacier Conservancy. As part of this partnership, we are donating 10% of sales of our newest ring collection - The Glacier Collection - to The Glacier Conservancy to support projects and programs in Glacier National Park.

Glacier Rings Collection Announcement

On a recent visit to Glacier National Park, our founder, Kerin Jacobs, found inspiration for the design of the new raw diamond bands in the Glacier Collection.

“One early morning, just as the sun was rising at the Two Medicine campground, we walked to the edge of the lake to gaze at the spectacular surroundings. The water was perfectly still and clear, and the smooth multicolored stones that lay beneath were illuminated by the soft light in the sky. This ring represents the stones laying at the base of that glacial lake, illuminated as they were, and with a sheen of clear water spread translucently over them.”

Our Glacier Collection raw diamond bands are available for purchase on our website, with 10% of proceeds benefiting Glacier National Park. A few different style preferences are available, with ready-made and customizable options available.

Through our partnership with Glacier Conservancy, we have the opportunity to play a vital role in protecting and preserving Glacier National Park for future generations. For more information on how the donations directly impact the park, click here.



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